Dubai Escort Girls

As we all know Dubai is more famous for Dubai escort girls rather than its huge infrastructure. That’s the main reason for millions of tourists thronging its shores and satisfy their hunger for sex. Escort girls in Dubai are of most varied nationality then found anywhere else on this planet. In fact, in Dubai people have reported that they can easily get their hands on more than 100 nationalities of escorts. Considering these statistics one can easily conclude that Dubai escort girls are very popular not only amongst localites but amongst all other people wishing to go Dubai and meet these female escorts to fulfil their whims and fancies and enter into a world of sex where they can enjoy to the fullest. At we more than 50 escort girls at a single point of time, available for you in Dubai to make choice from.

Girls in Dubai

Girls in Dubai

Although if you see the population census in Dubai there are only 25% girls in Dubai but this census doesn’t take into account those girls in Dubai which are coming for working as escorts in Dubai. If you will add this population of girls in Dubai then according to a report there consisted of more than 75% of total tourists thronging Dubai in an year. This shows that how popular is the Dubai sex trade. Girls from all over the world come to Dubai to sell their bodies in return of huge amounts of money. And this trend has continued since at least past 20 years now. Especially after the economic stabilization of Dubai, the population of girls in Dubai coming for sex trade has increased significantly. At we have more than 1200 girls joining us as fresh every year for our valued customers to choose from.

indian escorts in dubai

Indian Escorts in Dubai

India being a close neighbour to UAE contributes a major segment of escorts in Dubai. The Indian escorts in Dubai majorly come from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab and Kashmir. Although there have been a significant increase in the numbers of girls coming from South India also (from states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka) but there are a very few takers of this variety of girls in Dubai. This is because of significant colour difference between North Indian escorts in Dubai and South Indian escorts in Dubai. The girls coming from northern parts of India are majorly white in colour and have good features and body figure which is a favourite amongst clients looking for Indian escorts in Dubai, whereas on the other hand, those coming from Southern parts of India are black in colour with not so good features and odd figures, this makes them popular only amongst the Mallu (Malwari) population of Dubai. At we have the best variety of girls genuinely coming from India for working as Indian escorts in Dubai with us.

Pakistani Escorts in Dubai

Pakistani Escorts in Dubai

Pakistan being the closest neighbour to UAE contributes to the largest share of escorts in Dubai. The Pakistani escorts in Dubai come in huge numbers from cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Since the inception of Dubai sex trade, Pakistani escorts in Dubai have been the most easily available variety of escorts in Dubai. That’s because of the huge numbers they come in. According to a report in the year 2015 the number of Pakistani girls who came on a tourist visa and over stayed in Dubai was a huge 10,000. This is an evident factor showing that these girls came here for nothing else but sex trade. The demand for Pakistani escorts in Dubai is quite huge not only because they are gorgeous enough to mesmerise men but also because of their sex skills and dancing skills. Pakistani escorts in Dubai are great dancers and most of the mujras in Dubai are running because of their beauty and dancing skills. In sex they are can compete even the European escorts in Dubai, as they are not shy of doing OWC, CIM and even A- Level. At we specialise in Pakistani escorts in Dubai and have the maximum number of Pakistani girls as compared to any other escort agency in Dubai.

how to get girls in dubai

How to get girls in Dubai?
  1. Check the profiles of available girls in Dubai in our Gallery page.
  2. Contact us with the profile detail through our Contact page.
  3. Make payment when the girl reaches your location or vice-versa.
  4. Enjoy your sweet time with girl of your choice.

Dubai Escorted Tours

Dubai Escorted Tours

At we endeavour to arrange Dubai escorted tours for real gentlemen who can afford to book a female escort for their entire stay in Dubai. The escort girls provided by us for Dubai escorted tours are well versed with major languages and have wide knowledge about places in Dubai. Our Dubai escorts have huge experience in making your trip to Dubai a memorable one by making it a mix of adventure and sex. Our Dubai escorted tours can be booked in advance through our contact page. We need your exact itineary to make it a success. Our motto is to provide you the best escort girl who can act as a girlfriend when it comes to sex and as a wife when it comes to taking care of your needs.

sex in dubai hotels

Sex in Dubai Hotels

As Dubai sex laws don’t permit Dubai sex trade, the sex in Dubai hotels is a hush hush business. Although according to Duabi sex laws the Dubai sex trade is banned and Dubai prostitutes are not allowed to book room and have sex in Dubai hotels with clients still this business flourishes with ease in Dubai. This has been made possible because of the hypocratic policies followed by the Dubai government which turns a blind eye towards the ongoing sex in Dubai hotels. The hotels in Dubai have turned girl friendly as they get huge income from Dubai prostitutes who book rooms for more than one week continuously on regular basis. This has given a boost to hotel industry in Dubai which was suffering great loses at a point of time when there was economic slowdown in Dubai. The cost of the hotel room is mostly included in the Dubai prostitutes prices. This has made the hotel areas in Dubai such as Deira the hottest Dubai prostitutes place. At we give you our beautiful escort ladies along with the best in class Dubai hotels which are girl friendly and hence which don’t cause any problems for clients or for girls.

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